“There is certainly more to an enjoyable activity than the mere ability to complete it.” — Jakob Nielsen

While there are some discrepancies in the design community about the differences between UX design and product design, it is mostly agreed upon that UX design is a facet of product design. User experience focuses on the customer journey, while product design focuses on the user from a business perspective…

How to apply your skills and experience to UX design.

If you have worked in a digital marketing position, you have more than likely either worked with a UX designer, or acted like one without knowing it.

Like most people, I learned about UX design by working with a designer through my marketing position. …

Improper user research can lead to an ineffective design, as well as lots of time and money wasted trying to adjust to the audience’s needs. Here’s how Beusable can help.

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Beusable, yet contains my honest opinions

User research is an integral part of the design process, and cannot be skipped.

My background is in marketing, and one of the most difficult aspects of my job was explaining user research to others by using tools…

The sooner you complete your bootcamp, the sooner you can start job hunting. Here are 8 tips that I used to complete my bootcamp early.

1. Set ambitious goals and verbalize them

I set out to complete one task a day. If some tasks took longer than expected, I would still end the week with at least 4 tasks done — double the amount required to stay on track. …

The UX Immersion course is the bulk of CareerFoundry’s UX Design bootcamp, here’s what you can expect.

This article addresses the second of a three-part course for the CareerFoundry UX Design bootcamp. …

Avoid my mistakes and learn which method is right for you by reading about the 8 different platforms I used to learn UX design online.

A little bit about me: I have been teaching myself UX and UI design since around April of 2020.

I understand how difficult it can be to learn an entirely new career field.

When teaching myself, I was constantly thinking, “Am I wasting my time? …

7 lessons we can learn from UX designers and apply to everyday life.

1. Good communication sometimes means saying less

Being bombarded with information can lead to cognitive overload, creating a poor user experience. UX designers focus on keeping things simple, clear, and relevant to the user’s needs.

In life, don’t clutter the message you’re trying to…

Pushy people can be great salespeople, and picky people can be great chefs. But what makes a great UX designer?

Many people focus on the positive traits that make you good at UX design, like being artistic and empathetic.

Sometimes personality traits that we might think are negative in everyday life can be really effective in user experience design.

In this article, we look at the positive in the negatives.

It’s nice to be humble — it’s better to be employed. Here’s why you should show your designs to literally anyone who will listen.

I’m sure that you know it’s always a good idea to share your designs with other designers, or someone that is looking for a designer. Guess who else does that? Every other designer.

“They won’t care”.

“They don’t know what user experience design is”.

“I won’t get anything out of…

I have officially finished the first course in CareerFoundry’s UX Design Bootcamp. Here is what you can expect.

The UX Design Course offered by CareerFoundry is composed of three courses: Intro to UX Design, UX Immersion, and a Specialization course (plus an optional Job Preparation Course).

This article is going to only cover the first part of the course, Intro to UX Design.


The Intro to UX…

Morgan Brennan

Aspiring UX designer trying to navigate with the wrong map. mobrendigital.com

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