“There is certainly more to an enjoyable activity than the mere ability to complete it.” — Jakob Nielsen

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How to apply your skills and experience to UX design.

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Improper user research can lead to an ineffective design, as well as lots of time and money wasted trying to adjust to the audience’s needs. Here’s how Beusable can help.

The sooner you complete your bootcamp, the sooner you can start job hunting. Here are 8 tips that I used to complete my bootcamp early.

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1. Set ambitious goals and verbalize them

2. Track your habits


Avoid my mistakes and learn which method is right for you by reading about the 8 different platforms I used to learn UX design online.

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1. Good communication sometimes means saying less

Pushy people can be great salespeople, and picky people can be great chefs. But what makes a great UX designer?

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1. You’re overly-considerate

It’s nice to be humble — it’s better to be employed. Here’s why you should show your designs to literally anyone who will listen.

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I have officially finished the first course in CareerFoundry’s UX Design Bootcamp. Here is what you can expect.


Morgan Brennan

Aspiring UX designer trying to navigate with the wrong map. mobrendigital.com

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